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Canada's border is 'unfriendly' - Wednesday, November 19, 2003
I have crossed the borders of many countries during my lifetime. On three of these occasions, I been threatened and harshly treated by the border officials. I was born in Canada in 1925 and remained a citizen of that country until the early 1960s, so I take no pleasure in reporting that, at all of these times (June 1952, September 1986 and August 2003), I was seeking to enter Canada from the U.S. (full story)

NOW IT'S TIME TO BUCKLE DOWN - Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Jean Chretien's decision to retire as prime minister on Dec. 12 -- two months ahead of his own schedule -- is a good one on three fronts. (full story)

Tories about to burn down the firewall - Thursday, November 13, 2003
The long and tortuous journey the Alberta Tories have taken since the evil genie of independence first escaped from the bottle at last March's PC convention ends this weekend. (full story)

Save us from efficient government - Thursday, November 13, 2003
The feds' advertising boondoggles are well known. According to one magazine publisher we know, they don't even haggle. "Your ad rate is $5,000 per half page? Fine, we'll take two." (full story)

Let's not accept unacceptababble - Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Can we please stop dismissing unpleasant facts as "unacceptable"? It is not merely fatuous but dangerous. (full story)

Suing the ministers & deputies behind the registry - Friday, October 31, 2003
Some of my best friends are lawyers, but they should be banned from running for political office. That's because they have a conflict of interest. (full story)

Martin must put an end to Ottawa's mindless spendi - Friday, October 31, 2003
Incoming prime minister Paul Martin's pledge to move quickly to cut spending in all federal departments is the first recognition by Ottawa in a long time of the urgency for fiscal accountability. And it's none too soon. (full story)

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