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Alberta Separatists Policy Meeting

March 19, 2005

North Hill Inn
Red Deer, Alberta

WOW !!! That is my comment after spending the day in Red Deer . WOW!!!

The day got off to a great start with a presentation from Mr. Mike Bennison, former executive director and member of the Western Canada Concept party on lessons learned from that partyís bid to form the Government of Alberta in the late 80ís early 90ís. Some highlights include:

Grow the party, one member at a time, adding people who truly believe in an Independent Alberta.

Donít allow the executives to become swamped with details at other levels of the party, these concerns can and should be delegated.

Use the people and their respective talents to raise funds for the party. Keep everything above board.

Train the candidates, and party representatives, in public speaking, so they can present our message effectively.

There are other highlights of Mikeís talk to us, but hey, I have to keep something to myself. (LOL) This way I hope to see more of our members out and participating in future meetings.

We then broke down into smaller groups to discuss a big variety of topics, and also to discuss the amendments to our policies that Mr. Al Romanchuk brought forth, some of the amendments made it past our groups, but the majority of the amendments did not for various reasons.

Our afternoon session began with a talk by the interim leader from the Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan, Mr Gordon Elias. He related to our members what that party is doing in Saskatchewan, and how the party did in the last provincial election.

The website for the WIPS party is: , please go and take a look to show our support.

There was some table discussions about our web site and the direction that we think it should go, we are thinking about adding a blog or a forum feature and we definitely want to add a web store. After all we do have some merchandise to sell.

Bill Humphrey

Alberta Provincial Election 2004 Senate Nominee Election Results

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A Registered Alberta Provincial Party

Mission Statement

To ensure the future of Alberta for Albertans by becoming an independent nation separate from Canada.

Primary Objectives

  • The Separation Party of Alberta is a registered provincial political party effective May 1, 2004.

  • To run candidates in the next provincial election.

  • To put the power of government in the hands of people; - A true parliamentary democracy.

  • To save Albertans billions of taxpayers dollars currently being donated to Ottawa.

Our Vision of an Independent Alberta

  • A diversified Alberta economy.

  • Less government; more democracy.

  • A justice system, not a legal system that isnít just.

  • Controversial issues and dispute resolution by referenda.

  • Elected officials must vote the wishes of their constituents.

  • Realistic, workable system of recall, referenda and citizen initiative.

  • Free votes by elected representatives.

  • Government Pension plans mirror free market pension plans.

  • Elected officialís pensions commence at age 65.

  • Establish Alberta Disaster Relief Fund.

  • Ministers appointed to area of expertise.

  • Onus on criminal and not victim.

  • Accountable elected representatives.

  • Positive and productive relationship with trading partners and International allies.