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Leadership Candidate Prerequisites

  1. Applicant must be eligible to vote in an Alberta Provincial election.

  2. Applicant must have been Alberta resident for five (5) consecutive years prior to September 15, 2003.

  3. Applicant must adhere to Policies and Principles of the Separation Party of Alberta.

  4. Applicant must submit a written presentation outlining why he/she wants to be the Party Leader, what they bring to the position and their vision of an independent Alberta.

  5. Applicant must submit a one thousand dollar ($1,000.00) non-refundable donation to the Separation Party of Alberta with the written submission.

  6. Applicant must complete detailed application form. ( This detailed application form will be supplied by the office of the Separation Party of Alberta upon receipt of the required written presentation and a certified cheque for one thousand dollars ( $1,000.00) marked "Non-refundable donation" made payable to the Separation Party of Alberta.)

  7. Short-listed Applicants must make oral presentation to Selection Committee and participate in a question and answer session with Selection Committee.

  8. Successful leadership candidates will participate in the leadership race which commences after the party is registered as an official party in the province of Alberta.


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