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Building the Party

Economic Diversification is the route to success
Separation Party Is Our Only Hope

It’s time for the normally silent majority to speak up, get involved and take control of Alberta for the future.

The Ottawa government thinks Albertans work for them. In a true democracy, Ottawa would work for Albertans. Exercise your democratic duty; - promote change.

Separation Party of Alberta knows that petitions and rallies do not facilitate change. It is time to take dramatic action and promote a free Alberta.

“Unresponsive governments force ordinary people to do extraordinary things.” – Bruce Hutton, Albertan.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” Gerald Ford, past president USA 1974-1977.

We Need Your Help

Stand Up And Be Counted
The Issue is Freedom & Democracy

Now that we are a registered provincial political party we need your help in selling memberships and forming constituency associations so that we can run qualified candidates in the next provincial election.  If you believe as strongly as we do that we can save billions from being siphoned to Ottawa, email us or call us to find out how to form a constituency association.   Together we can make things happen.




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