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Why Separation?

A better question would be “Why stay?”

For almost 100 years, Alberta and the West have been trying to become real members of Canada and true, equal partners in Confederation. These efforts have proved fruitless. It is time to move forward and protect Alberta’s future. It is time to stop the financial and emotional drain caused by an incompetent, unresponsive political and bureaucratic nightmare called “Ottawa”.

Economic Cost of Federation for Alberta, 1961 – Present

Alberta has, on a per capita basis, been Ottawa’s largest single contributor. For example, between 1961 and 1992, Alberta paid $139 billion more to Ottawa than it received back from Ottawa. That is what it cost Albertans to be Canadian. *

And where did the money go? During that time frame, the province of Quebec, despite its large population and vibrant economy, was a net recipient of over $ 168 billion from Ottawa. Alberta was paying Quebec to be Canadian. *

* Source: Dr. Robert Mansell and Ronald Schlenker, “The Provincial Distribution of Federal Fiscal Balances,” Canadian Business Economics 3:2 (Winter, 1995), 3-21

There are two net contributors to Ottawa; - Alberta and Ontario. The difference is that Ontario gets a return on investment. They have a diversified economy with end use manufacturing. They also have a strong voice in federal policy. The Kyoto Accord would have adversely affected Alberta and Ontario, however, Ottawa exempted the Ontario Auto Industry from the Accord.

Alberta’s Cost 1997 – 2003**
In Billions Canadian Dollars $ 54.933

1997: $ 5.668
1999: $ 6.130
2001: $ 8.568
1998: $ 6.279
2000: $ 7.190
2002: $ 9.998
2003: $ 11.100

** Source: Alberta Finance March 2004

Alberta has fought Ottawa on numerous issues. Here are some issues that Alberta fought and lost the battle because of weak leaders:

• National Energy Program
• Kyoto
• Interference in Agriculture Policy
• Family Rights
• Personal Property Rights
• Federal Health Care Payments

National issues that waste tax-payers dollars and frustrate Albertans:

• Jane Stewart’s HRDC Boondoggle
• Helicopters cancelled, then reordered
• Submarine Debacle
• Firearms Registry Fiasco
• Broken Election Promises (no GST)
• No Serious National Debt Reduction
• Budgets Balanced at worker's expense
• Lack of Parliamentary Reform
• Canada Pension Plan is broke
• Out of control National Debt
• Ottawa’s lack of respect for Alberta
• Sponsorship Scandal

Albertans are tired of losing these battles. It is time to take what is rightfully ours.  An independent Alberta would have a great future with a strong, viable, diversified economy.

What is the Long-term plan?
To give Alberta to Albertans
To facilitate the peaceful Separation of Alberta from Canadian Confederation
To become the most viable nation in the western hemisphere.

Petitions and rallies do not force change
It is time to take decisive action



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