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Klein Blows Smoke On Transfer Payments - Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 17:02

Press Release - Klein Blows Smoke On Transfer Payments

Separation Party of Alberta

Edmonton, Ab: October 27, 2004, The Separation Party of Alberta (SPA) feels Ralph Klein is negligent or weak in his negotiations with Ottawa. Klein went to negotiations with Ottawa over transfer payments advising Albertans and the rest of Canada that he would fight to protect Alberta’s oil wealth from another cash grab.

Unfortunately, the wrong Premier walked out of negotiations. Premier Danny Williams of Newfoundland and Labrador had the courage to walk out when another federal Liberal promise was broken. On two separate occasions during the federal election, Prime Minister Martin promised Premier Williams 100% of the revenue from off-shore oil and gas. The Prime Minister has since reneged on that promise.

“No Prime Minister has ever offered Alberta an increase in oil revenues,” said Bruce Hutton, Leader of SPA. “Premier Klein should have walked out with Williams, albeit for a different reason. Again Klein refuses to come clean and tell Albertans how much it will cost annually to be Canadian with no return on investment. In 2003 it was $335 per second for the whole year and it looks like it could be $500 per second for 2004. We are truly disgusted with Klein’s apparent lack of intestinal fortitude. ”

Under the new transfer payment agreement Alberta’s cost to be Canadian will increase. During these negotiations, Ontario asked to have their transfer payment cost reduced to stimulate growth in manufacturing that would allow Ontario to continue to be “the engine of the Canadian economy”.

“This another perfect example of central Canada attempting to maintain control of the West and using our money to do it,” fumed Hutton. “Albertans must realize that our current wealth is a result of excess revenue from a non-renewal resource and if it is not used to diversify the Alberta economy, Alberta will become a “have-not” province.”

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